30-50kg Large Industrial Ozone Machine with Ozone Denitrification Technology

30-50kg Large Industrial Ozone Machine with Ozone Denitrification Technology

Air Source Ozone Generator CZPT Parameters

Design Ozone production Feed gas movement Ozone
Cooling h2o stream Electrical power use Electronic Handle Cupboard
Ozone discharge chamber Dimension (mm)
kg/h Nm³/h wt% m³/h Kwh/kgO³ W D H W D H
POZBA-1K 1 26-39 two-three three-4 14-17 800x800x1800 900x800x1800
POZBA-2K two 52-seventy seven two-3 six-8 14-17 2000x900x1800 2100x900x1800
POZBA-3K 3 77-115 two-three 9-12 14-17 2000x900x1800 2100x1000x1900
POZBA-4K 4 one hundred and five-155 2-three 12-sixteen fourteen-17 2200x1000x2000 2100x1100x2000
POZBA-5K five one hundred thirty-190 two-3 15-20 14-seventeen 3300x1100x2040 2200x1200x2100
POZBA-6K 6 155-230 2-3 18-24 fourteen-17 3300x1100x2040 2200x1200x2100
POZBA-8K eight 205-310 2-3 24-32 14-17 3700x1200x2040 3800x1000x2100
POZBA-10K ten 260-390 two-three 30-40 fourteen-seventeen 4000x1200x2140 3800x1200x2100
POZBA-15K fifteen 390-580 2-three forty five-sixty fourteen-seventeen 4500x1200x2250 3900x1200x2100
POZBA-20K 20 515-755 2-3 60-80 14-17 5600x1200x2350 3900x1300x2300
POZBA-25K 25 640-960 2-three seventy five-a hundred 14-17 5600x1200x2350 3900x1400x2400
POZBA-30K thirty 775-1160 two-three a hundred-one hundred twenty 14-17 6000x1200x2350 3900x1500x2500
POZBA-40K 40 1030-1550 2-3 120-160 14-seventeen 6200x1600x2250 4000x1800x2700
POZBA-50K fifty 1290-2320 two-3 150-200 fourteen-seventeen 8500x1600x2350 4000x2000x2850

Oxygen Source Ozone Generator CZPT Parameters

Product Ozone manufacturing Feed fuel stream Focus Cooling h2o flow Electricity consumption  Electronic Handle Cabinet
Ozone discharge chamber Dimension (mm)
kg/h Nm³/h wt% m³/h Kwh/kgO³ W D H W D H
POZBO-1K 1 7-9 8-ten one.five-two fourteen-17 700x800x1800 800x800x1800
POZBO-2K 2 14-18 8-10 3-4 fourteen-17 800x800x1800 900x800x1800
POZBO-3K three 21-26 8-10 4.5-6 14-seventeen 1200x1000x1900 800x1000x1900
POZBO-4K 4 28-39 eight-10 six-8 fourteen-seventeen 2000x900x1800 2100x900x1800
POZBO-5K 5 34-43 eight-10 seven.5-10 fourteen-seventeen 2000x900x1800 2100x1000x1900
POZBO-6K 6 forty one-52 8-10 9-twelve fourteen-17 2000x900x1800 2100x1000x1900
POZBO-8K eight 55-69 eight-ten twelve-sixteen 14-seventeen 2200x1000x2000 2100x1100x2000
POZBO-10K ten sixty eight-86 eight-10 15-20 14-seventeen 3300x1100x2040 2200x1200x2100
POZBO-15K 15 102-128 eight-ten seventeen.5-30 fourteen-17 3700x1200x2040 3800x1000x2100
POZBO-20K 20 136-171 8-ten 30-forty 14-17 4000x1200x2140 3800x1100x2100
POZBO-25K twenty five one hundred seventy-210 8-10 36-50 fourteen-seventeen 4000x1200x2140 3800x1200x2100
POZBO-30K thirty 203-256 8-ten 45-sixty 14-17 4500x1200x2250 3900x1200x2100
POZBO-40K 40 271-341 8-ten 60-80 fourteen-17 5600x1200x2350 3900x1300x2300
POZBO-50K fifty 339-426 8-10 seventy five-one hundred 14-17 5600x1200x2350 3900x1400x2400
POZBO-60K 60 406-511 eight-ten eighty-one hundred twenty 14-17 6000x1200x2350 3900x1500x2500
POZBO-70K 70 485-625 eight-ten one hundred and five-a hundred and forty 14-seventeen 6200x1600x2250 3900x1600x2600
POZBO-80K 80 542-681 eight-ten a hundred and twenty-a hundred and sixty 14-17 6200x1600x2250 4000x1800x2700
POZBO-100K one hundred 677-852 8-10 150-200 fourteen-17 8500x1600x2350 4000x2000x2850

one. Electricity intake is primarily based on different ozone focus and cooling water problems.
two. CZPTerize for higher ozone concentration ozone generator.

Flue Gas Denitrification
The benefits of ozone denitrification technology

  1. Lower temperature flue gasoline remedy has practically nothing to do with the front-conclude combustion method and has no influence on operation.
  2. Ideal for all varieties of flue gas atmosphere, this sort of as power plant boiler, rubbish incinerator, cement kiln, sintering plant flue fuel treatment and other intricate atmosphere.
  3. The implementation of simultaneous desulfurization and degradation of organic mercury removal and denitrification, attain a removal tower.
  4. No NH3 denitration is reached, no ammonia leakage and two pollution hazards.

Application location

  1. All varieties of coal-fired boilers, gas fired boilers and flue fired boilers
  2. Steel mill sintering equipment and other psychological smelting furnaces
  3. Different glass furnaces and cement processing furnaces
  4. Combustion furnace of all kinds of waste
  5. No acid fuel stream in different chemical procedures
  6. Flue gasoline of various petroleum catalytic cracking models
  7. Refuse incinerator

Our Merchandise edge

  • All in 1 gear, simple to work
  • In excess of temperature safety, in excess of-recent protection, and above-voltage abnormality monitoring.
  • Ozone leakage alarm, operation fault alarm monitoring
  • Supply total established of auxiliary gear, like air compressor, gasoline storage tank, filter, freezing dryer, adsorption dryer and so on.
  • Use particular stainless steel tube for discharge chamber
  • With SIEMENS PLC touch monitor automated management program, customers can achieve monitoring, handle, switching, location, report, alarm, cycle commence-up, emergency shutdown etc. capabilities.

Our Core Technology

  one. Ozone discharge chamber technology

Particular glass tube discharge chamber(Patent No ZL2011 two 0385785) adopts double air hole discharge technologies, substantial good quality glass medium and matching focused electrical power source, fully exerts the efficiency of corona discharge to produce ozone, making sure large output, higher concentration and decrease electrical power consumption.

2. Substantial power ozone dedicated dry-variety transformer engineering

The high voltage transformer converts the alternating recent output from the inerter circuit into large voltage electrical power appropriate for generation of ozone by making a dielectric barrier discharge in the chamber discharge body. In order to match the capacitive attributes of the event of the discharge of the chamber discharge body, the needs of its parameters are different from individuals of regular transformers.

three.Ozone specific frequency conversion power provide engineering

The ozone generator manage technique is independently designed by the business to management the regular procedure of the ozone generator power provide, and has anti-jamming, load limited circuit safety, higher functioning temperature protection, with industry top degree, higher operation trustworthiness.

Ozone is a nicely acknowledged strong oxidizing material. In the area of waste fuel purification and deodorization, the effect of the sturdy oxidation ozone and the molecular response of the exhaust gas can be employed to purify deodorization and deodorization. This technique has the adhering to characteristics:

As a sturdy oxidizing material second only to fluorine in mother nature, ozone can respond with most of the gasoline molecules speedily and efficiently, particularly for extended chain macromolecules and ring molecules,which are incredibly beneficial in the application of desulfurization and denitrification.

The software of ozone in engineering is very hassle-free. The ozone generated by ozone can move into the air duct or air chamber to meet up with the ozone sum and response time, which can accomplish the deodorization impact. There is almost no engineering cost for new waste gasoline projects and renovation initiatives.

Help save Expense
Ozone deodorization tools investment price is reduced, no challenging engineering, reduced working price.

 Environmental circumstances

Functioning Temperature 0ºC to +40ºC
Altitude If >1000 meters above sea stage, the cooling result become negative and the air outlet of air compressor will minimize
Humidity Optimum eighty five% relative humidity
Environment Non-flammable, corrosive and conductive dust
Atmospheric Strain a hundred and one.3KPa standard atmospheric stress is required
Operating Region Situations Preserve the space for ozone generator system dry and ventilated

Following product sales service

Our business is responsible for the routine maintenance of the tools and the institution of products consumer documents from the day the tools leaves the manufacturing unit.
The smart remote monitoring middle monitors the procedure of equipment in genuine time by way of the intelligent remote checking system.

  1. Right after-revenue services promise center, created a complete soon after-revenue elements warehouse and supporting services.
  2. Provide totally free equipment use training and products upkeep instruction.
  3. Give customers with gear parts and servicing resources in time.
  4. CZPT the guarantee interval, a extended-expression upkeep contract can be signed.
  5. Bolster the contact with end users, spend interest to the views of end users, produce consumer good quality monitoring info card, enhance the user profile.
  6. The expert training team pays normal visits to realize the operation of the products to make certain the lengthy-time period secure and trustworthy procedure of the tools.



Package and shipping

Subject set up

Why Pick Us?

1. Knowledge :11 years focus on ozone generator R&D and manufacture,service of far more than a thousand clients.

2. 30000 sq. meter manufacturing facility region

3. Core patent engineering and approved certifications

four. Rigid top quality control to ensure protected and dependable products

5.Provider: 24 several hours on the internet services,life-extended maintenance

six.Professional overseas product sales team, offer prompt response

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30-50kg Large Industrial Ozone Machine with Ozone Denitrification Technology