Automatic Poultry Farm Equipment Cage for Layer Broiler Pullet Chicken

Automatic Poultry Farm Equipment Cage for Layer Broiler Pullet Chicken

Computerized Poultry Farm Equipment Cage for Layer Broiler Pullet Chicken

A Frame Battery Pullet Rooster Cage Program

It is made for pullets which hen age(rearing interval) is from working day to day one hundred twenty old.this method also can be outfitted with automated feeding,ingesting,manure removal and weather management is much more common using in tropic nation because it is just functioning properly in open up property CZPT weather control program.if it utilized in shut of temperate area,the ventilation and heating program are important to the pullets.

CAGE Method
one. Each and every unit dimension of the pullet cage is 1950*five hundred*(350–four hundred)mm,three cells for each device,with nine-ten birds per mobile,each and every cell dimension is 650*500*(350-400)mm,so each birds can get 390–433 at least within seventeen months
2.R aising density per unit spot can improve fifty% – 100% in comparison with flooring method and the prospects of an infection ailments caused by manure lower,consequently,demise fee is minimized because invariable birds in each and every cell of cages,and then it is also hassle-free for observing progress situation of birds,grouping and choice.

AUCZPTTIC Consuming Method
1.It is made up by the sq. pipes(thickness 2.5mm) or spherical pipes(thickness two.0mm) with 360 degree flowing nipple drinkers,h2o drip cups and h2o stress regulators,terminals,splits,water filters tends to make confident the water is clean
two.The ingesting technique can be automatc nipple consuming line and handbook feeders and drinkers for first two weeks even though the pullets are too tiny to get water nipple drinkers
3.The pipes can be modified in larger amount as pullets increasing bigger working day by working day since the grid meshes has empty style in the middle location to adjust the pipes heading up to higher level.

one.Equally of the traveling hopper(feeding carts) variety and chain feeding system are CZPT.
two.The augers and chain components produced in South Africa,also the very best good quality CZPT.
3.The feeding cart related with the silo by the transverse feeding auger is more well-liked listed here.In this method, feed is distributed routinely to the feed carts from the feed silos by the spiral augers situated in a pipe with 90-a hundred and fifty mm diameter.

AUCZPTTIC Chicken MANURE Removing Technique
1.T he one–3 tier of cages can be fitted with manure curtain on the back again of the cage meshes in scenario of the dropping manure from upper tiers.
two.Manure belt system or manure scraper in the manure pits to gather the chicken manure outside of housethe A frame pullet cage system also can be geared up with the manure belts method underneath the cages which can operate collectively with the manure conveyors.

Some Set up Initiatives of Ours

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Q1:How many types of layer hen cage?
A1: We have two sorts,A sort and H type .
A kind have two designs,3tiers and 4 tiers.
H sort have 6 versions like three tiers,4 tiers,5tiers,6tiers,8 tiers. 
Q2:How significantly per set cage?
A2:Distinct model,price tag is diverse.In addition,there are other enhance equipments.
Require know how many birds you want to rear,then we can give you a distinct value checklist
with house measurement.
Q3:How long is the warrenty?
A3:1 year.
Q4:Who is in charge of put in ?
A4:Our organization will send out two engineers to your nation to guidebook installation
and provide education.

Automatic Poultry Farm Equipment Cage for Layer Broiler Pullet Chicken