China 08A 40 Chain Forming Bush Seam Bush with ce certificate top quality Good price

Item Description

2.Motor chain bush
This bush is quite tiny utilised in motor chain, we have great equipment and ability to produce this sort of bush.

Merchandise name Bush
Software Motor chain
Content Alloy steel
Material quality SAE8620 SCM420 C1018 20CrMnMo 20Mn 40Cr A3
Warmth therapy Offered
Dimension According to your drawing
Deal Plywood case
Sample Accessible
Direct time 30 Days
FOB port HangZhou or ZheJiang

Standard bush  dimension checklist
Merchandise Substance quality Outer diameter inner diameter Length concentricity gap
04C (twenty five) 20Mn/10# 3.3-.01/-.03 two.31+.07/+.05 4.seventy eight-.075 .015 ≤0.1
04CH (25H) 20Mn/ten# 3.3-.02/-.05 two.31+.07/+.05 five.23-.twelve .015 ≤
06C 20Mn/ten# 5.08-.03 3.58+.09/+.06 seven.4-.15 .571 ≤0.12
06B 20Mn/10# four.77-.03 3.28+.09/+.07 eight.5-.15 .571 ≤0.12
420 20Mn/10# 5.sixty three-.03 3.ninety six+.09/+.06 9.4-.fifteen .04 ≤0.15
08A forty 20Mn/10# five.sixty three-.03 three.96+.09/+.06 eleven.1-.18 .04 ≤0.15
08B (428) 20Mn/10# six.37-.03 four.45+.09/+.07 11.1-.eighteen .04 ≤0.fifteen
08BH (428H) 20Mn/ten# six.37-.03 four.fifty two+.02 12.2-.eighteen .04 ≤0.fifteen
10A (50) 20Mn/ten# seven.03-.03 five.08+.09/+.06 thirteen.7-.eighteen .06 ≤0.fifteen
10B 20Mn/10# seven.03-.03 5.08+.09/+.06 13.2-.eighteen .06 ≤0.15
12A sixty 20Mn/10# 8.33-.03 five.ninety four+.twelve/+.08 seventeen.65-.18 .06 ≤0.15
12AH (60H) 20Mn/10# 8.33-.03 5.ninety four+.twelve/+.08 19.3-.21 .06 ≤0.15
12B 20Mn/ten# 8.1-.03 5.72+.1/+.07 15.fifty five-.eighteen .06 ≤0.fifteen
16A 80 20Mn/10# eleven.1-.03 7.ninety two+.13/+.09 22.5-.21 .08 ≤0.15
16AH 80H 20Mn/10# 11.1-.03 7.ninety two+.thirteen/+.09 24.1-.21 .08 ≤0.fifteen
16B 20Mn/ten# eleven.5-.03 8.28+.eleven/+.075 twenty five.forty three-.21 .06 ≤0.15
20A one hundred 20Mn/ten# 13.fifty eight-.03 9.61+.04 27.35-.25 .08 ≤0.fifteen
20B 20Mn/ten# 14.05-.03 ten.19+.fifteen/ 28.9-.21 .08 ≤0.15
P38 (ZGS38) 20Mn/10# 12-.03 nine+.1/+.fifteen 28.1-.21 .08 ≤0.15
24A  a hundred and twenty 20Mn/10# 15.6-.03 11.1+.19/+.thirteen 35.2-.25 .08 ≤0.fifteen
24B 20Mn/ten# 18.sixty nine-.03 fourteen.63+.21 37.7-.twenty five .08 ≤0.15
S38H 20Mn/10# 12-.03 9+.1/+.15 29.9-.21 .08 ≤0.15
CA550 20Mn/ten# eleven.11-.03 seven.1+.sixteen/ 25.6-.twenty five .08 ≤0.fifteen

Q:Can you produce components in accordance to CZPT drawing?
Q:May I visit factory just before co-operation
A:We always welcome your check out us to know every single other properly and know properly about CZPT merchandise.
Q:Can you take little quantity orders
A:Yes, We will give CZPT best service for each and every get.
Q:What is actually your payment conditions
A:We acknowledge T/T.

Discover the roller chain at EP, which has a broader waistline plate to assist have heavier hundreds on conveyor belts, wire rod machines, printing presses and a lot of other industrial purposes. Roller chains are totally interchangeable and pre-lubricated to assist reduce elongation. Choose one or riveted chains with zinc and aluminum coatings to help prevent rust and chemical corrosion.
China 08A 40 Chain Forming Bush Seam Bush with ce certificate top quality Good price