High Efficiency Clay Rotary Kiln Manufacturer

High Efficiency Clay Rotary Kiln Manufacturer

Substantial performance Clay Rotary Kiln Manufacturer

Product Description:

Introduction of Rotary Kiln:
Rotary kiln is a pyroprocessing unit employed to raise materials to a substantial temperature in a steady approach. It is broadly used in the fields of cement manufacturing, nonferrous metallurgy, ferrous metallurgy, refractory content, paper-making, chemical business and so on.

Rotary Kiln’s structure:

(1) Help gadget: Advanced shaft composition, automated temperature measuring gadget and electrical heating system.
(two) Catch wheel: Like mechanical wheel and hydraulic wheel.
(three) Gears: One or double Control the rotating velocity by variable motor, direct existing device and frequency variable motor CZPT, strength saving, and productive.
(4) Cylinder tyre bolster: Decrease bolster has 3 kinds: Fixed, zoom and floating. The structure is basic, substitution is practical and won’t damage cylinder.
(5) Sealing products: There are numerous alternatives CZPT according to kiln versions, which includes air cylinder edge sealing, spring edge sealing, and graphite block sealing and mix for previously mentioned. The feather has robust adaptability to cylinder rotating and swing and sealing impact is really good.
(6) Kiln head hood: Such as stationary kind and versatile type.

Rotary Kiln’s Working Theory:

Rotary kiln is a cylindrical vessel, inclined slightly to the horizontal, which is rotated slowly about its axis. The content to be processed is fed into the higher conclude of the cylinder. As the kiln rotates, material steadily moves down in the direction of the reduced stop, and could go through a certain sum of stirring and mixing. Hot gases pass along the kiln, occasionally in the very same route as the method material (co-present), but typically in the opposite path (counter-current). The scorching gases could be created in an external furnace, or could be created by a flame inside of the kiln. Such a flame is projected from a burner-pipe (or “firing pipe”) which functions like a huge bunsen burner. The gasoline for this could be gasoline, oil, pulverized petroleum coke or pulverized coal.

Rotary Kiln’s specification:

technical parameter speed reducer motor supporting quantity
kind type power
Φ1.6×32 .fifty eight~2.eighty five 4 2 ZQ75-50 YCT250-4A eighteen.5 three
Φ1.six/1.9×36 .53~one.59 4 two.5~3 ZQ110-7 YCT250-4B 22 3
Φ1.9×39 .53~1.fifty nine four three~3.4 ZQ125-seven YCT315-4A 37 three
Φ2.2×45 .214~1.64 three.5 4~5 major:ZS125-five YCT315-4B forty five 3
auxiliary:ZQ40-forty Y112M-four four
Φ2.5×50 .62~one.five three.5 five~6 major:ZS165-5 YCT355-4A fifty five 3
auxiliary:ZS50-one Y160M-six 7.5
Φ2.5×55 .62~1.5 3.five five~six principal:ZS165-5 YCT355-4A 55 three
auxiliary:ZS50-one Y160M-6 seven.five
Φ2.8×55 .62~one.five 3.five six~seven major:ZS165-6 YCT355-4B 75 3
auxiliary:ZS50-one Y160L-6 11
Φ3.0×60 .five~1.five 3.5 7~9 principal:ZS165-three ZSN-280-11B one hundred twenty five 4
auxiliary:ZS50-1 Y160L-six 11
Φ3.2×64 .four~1.5 three.five eight~10 major:ZL130-sixteen ZSN-280-11B 190 four
auxiliary:ZL50-ten Y180L-4 22
Φ3.5×70 .4~1.five 3.five 12~14 primary:ZSY500-40 ZSN-315-082 280 4
auxiliary:ZL50-fourteen Y180L-4 22
Φ4×80 .4~one.5 3.five 16~20 principal:ZSY630-35.5 ZSN-315-12 355 4
auxiliary:ZSY280-35.5 Y200L-4 30

Package and Shipping:

Organization Profile:


ZheJiang HangCZPT Mining CZPT Co., Ltd. was established in 1956,it is situated in HangCZPT town which is the capital of ZheJiang Province. After far more than fifty percent a century of growth, ZheJiang HangCZPT Mining CZPT Co., Ltd has produced to an area of 70000 square meters, plant building region of 40000 square meters with 6 contemporary workshops, two weighty machinery workshops, 1 Municipal Technologies Heart and far more than 260 sets of machining, assembling, welding and other equipment. Its mounted asset worth has exceeded a hundred million RMB. ZheJiang HangCZPT Mining CZPT Co., Ltd has become an built-in modern enterprise with scientific research, style, development, production, revenue, installation, commissioning and coaching services.


The principal merchandise of firm contain: ball mill, rotary kiln, preheater, cooler, crusher, bucket elevator, dust collector, conveyor and other tools relate to metallurgy, cement, lime, mineral processing, refractory, chemical business. The products of ZheJiang HangCZPT Mining CZPT Co., Ltd have been sold to each province of China and exported to Russia, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Mexico, Armenia, Africa, South America and other countries and areas. At present, ZheJiang HangCZPT Mining CZPT Co., Ltd is the premier equipment supplier for magnesium generation and has been on the foremost position for 25 several years in the market.


ZheJiang HangCZPT Mining CZPT Co., Ltd has modern day and experienced administration system and excellent high quality control program and has got the CZPT CZPT Top quality Method Certification and Environmental Security Certification.

High Efficiency Clay Rotary Kiln Manufacturer