Portable Flexible Mobile Screw Conveyor

Portable Flexible Mobile Screw Conveyor

Description of portable/adaptable/mobile screw conveyor

A screw conveyor is a mechanism that makes use of a rotating helical screw blade normally inside a tube, to go liquid or granular resources. They are utilised in a lot of bulk managing industries. Screw conveyors in contemporary sector are frequently utilized horizontally or at a slight incline as an efficient way to shift semi-solid supplies, such as meals squander, wooden chips, aggregates, cereal grains, animal feed, and many other people.

For Choosing distinct sort in accordance to your particular scenario
Type one: Horizontal kind
Sort 2: Inclined sort
Kind three: Combined variety
Kind four: Tube kind
Variety 5: U condition
Type 6: Hopper type 

CZPT parameters of screw conveyor

Product LS100 LS160 LS200 LS250 LS315 LS400 LS500
one hundred 160 200 250 315 four hundred five hundred
Screw pitch
a hundred 160 two hundred 250 315 355 four hundred

CZPT parameters

N(r/min) 140 112 one hundred ninety 80 seventy one 63
Q two.two 8 14 24 34 sixty four 100
N(r/min) 112 ninety 80 71 63 fifty six 50
Q 1.7 7 twelve twenty 26 fifty two eighty
N(r/min) 90 71 sixty three 56 fifty 45 40
Q one.4 six ten sixteen 21 41 sixty four
N(r/min) 71 50 50 45 40 36 32
Q one.1 four 7 thirteen sixteen 34 fifty two

Remember to supply the comply with info for geeting a ideal equipment
1. Please suggestions your usage
two. Remember to guidance title of processing material and its characteristic
three. You should suggestions the capability you necessary per hour 
4. Make sure you tips the top from outlet to the floor
5. Please tips the voltage, Hertz, Period
6. Other special specifications

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Portable Flexible Mobile Screw Conveyor