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China Hot selling Zebra Blind Shutter Components Bead Manufacturer Heavy Duty Curtain Side Stopper Plastic Sprocket pom Endless Roller Chain near me shop

Type: Curtain Poles, Tracks & Accessories
Model Number: 4.5*6 plastic chain
Curtain Poles, Tracks & Accessories Type: Curtain Accessories
Material: Plastic, pom
Product Name: plastic chain
Size: 4.5*6
Color: White Black Brown Gray
Packing: 200m/roller
Usage: roller blind clutch accessories
Weight: 2.4KG/roller
shade up to weight: 20KG
Packaging Details: roller blind components clutch cording plastic chain 4.5*6Package 8 rolls in a carton , 200 meters a roll.

Place of Origin
ZheJiang ,China

Brand Name

Plastic, 500 kg Chain Pulley Block Hand Operated Hoisting Equipment Manual Lever Hoist 0.5 ton Chain Block manual small hoist pom/pp



Model Number
LRA 4.5*6

Roller blind

window shade roller blind mechanism cording



roller blind components clutch cording plastic chain 4.5*6

Locating in FoShan,ZheJiang Province,LongNice ornaments Co.,Ltd enjoys reputation in the field of researching,designing,manufacturing and marketing various kinds of curtain tracks and other accessories.since its establishment, hot sale NMRV worm gear box aluminum worm gear motor 3 phase motor gearbox high rpm gearbox the company has been developing rather fast and steady and gain very good achievement.Its products are warmly welcomed in the market and it has wonthe support and trust from the customers. relying on the marketing concept of longnice,just enjoy our ideas.we have been the leading curtain manufacturer with our advanced management and operating principles,andeven more important ,our lasting innovations and hing-quality service,were always trying to adopt the latest managing skills to improve our service including the introduction of ISO9000 quality system and ERS management system,meanwhile we are sparing no efforts in providing our employees with the best training courses, High Quality Excavator E315C Hydraulic Pump Drive Shaft Rear SBS80 which lead them to better performance. Look forward to the future, we will directed against the requirements of the customers,continue to design different kinds of new products by CZPT the spirits of specialized innovation,we are confident to maintain our leading power in the curtain industry and create a brighterfuture. Learn more Q:Can I have a sample ?A:Yes, we welcome sample order to test and check quality. Mixed samples are acceptable.Q:What about the lead time?A:Sample needs 1-2 days, mass production needs more than 1-2 weeks including order.Q:Do you have any MOQ?A:Low MOQ, Kids big wheel shaft drive 1000W 1200W 48V or 60V electric atv, electric quad bike, atv bike 1pc for sample checking is available.Q:How do you ship the goods and how long does it take to arrive?A:We usually ship by DHL, UPS, FedEx or TNT. It usually takes 3-5 days to arrive. Airline and sea shipping also optional.Q:How to proceed an order for roller blinds?A:Firstly let us know your requirements or application.Secondly We quote according to your requirements or our suggestions.Thirdly please confirms the samples and places deposit for formal order.Fourthly We arrange the production.

Types of roller chains and their applications

There are many factors that can cause premature wear of the roller chain. They include friction, external shocks, and lack of lubrication or adjustment. Here are some tips to help you prevent premature chain wear. Read on to learn more about the different types of roller chains and their applications. You’ll be surprised how quickly the roller chain wears out! Below we have listed some of the most common causes of premature roller chain wear.

Double strand heavy-duty roller chain

If your application requires a heavy-duty chain, a double-strand steel roller chain is an excellent choice. Double-strand steel roller chains are manufactured to reduce stress fatigue and stretch, making them ideal for industrial and logging equipment. This type of chain is also heat-treated and shot-peened for excellent fatigue resistance and strength. Listed below are some of the advantages of double-strand heavy-duty roller chains.
When comparing single-strand and double-strand heavy-duty roller chains, double-strand steel roller chains are generally better. They have twice as many side plates and a working load close to that of a twin-strand steel roller chain. Unlike single-strand steel roller chains, double-strand roller chains are not interchangeable with standard double-sprockets. They use sprockets specially made for double chains.
Double strand chains are particularly strong, resistant to rust and corrosion, and ideal for high-stress applications. They are commonly used in conveyor systems, paper mill equipment, ditches, lifts, seed drills, and various hoisting machinery. They are also used in the wastewater and food processing industries. Chains of this type are used on conveyor lines, so they are an excellent choice for heavy machinery.

Nickel-plated chain

Nickel-plated roller chains are ideal for outdoor work, mildly corrosive environments, and applications requiring a good chain appearance. Nickel plating increases component hardness and improves wear resistance while ensuring that all surfaces are protected. The benefits of nickel-plated roller chains include increased durability, corrosion resistance, and a bright shine. Here are a few reasons to use such a chain. All chains are manufactured to the highest quality and safety standards.
Although slightly corrosive, nickel-plated roller chains are ideal for applications in high salt and high humidity environments. However, nickel plating can peel and chip, so nickel roller chains are not recommended for use in food processing or other environments exposed to corrosive substances. ANSI B29.1 standard chain can be nickel-plated and is ideal for a variety of applications including industrial garage doors and boat lifts.
CZPT USA Corp. is committed to being the premier agricultural and industrial chain supplier in the United States. By focusing on quality, they ensure their chains provide long life and unmatched wear resistance. If you’re looking for a quality plated roller chain, consider choosing a chain from a leading manufacturer. If you need the durability and strength of a nickel roller chain, choose CZPT USA Corp. We manufacture the highest quality chains in the USA.
In addition to high strength, nickel-plated roller chains are also available in elastomer profiles. These types of chains can handle 1/2 to 3/4″ loads, depending on their pitch. They are also ideal for gentle traction on sensitive surfaces. The strength of these chains depends on the type of the main link used in the chain. Nickel-plated roller chains are available in a variety of sizes and are priced to suit a variety of applications.

Stainless steel chain

Stainless steel roller chains are ideal for industrial applications in two harsh environments. They have excellent chemical and corrosion resistance, as well as high strength. Chains are available in three grades to meet various operational needs. 304SS is suitable for food contact applications, while 316SS and 606SS offer excellent corrosion resistance. 600 series stainless steel provides excellent corrosion and wears resistance with precipitation hardened components.
In food processing, stainless steel chains are often exposed to extremely high temperatures and high concentrations of acids, alkalis, and water. They are also resistant to high concentrations of acid and chlorine. And their low magnetic permeability allows them to function properly in hygienic conditions. But stainless steel roller chains also have some disadvantages. Despite their excellent corrosion resistance, these chains are not recommended for use in food processing environments.
Compared to carbon steel, stainless steel roller chains are softer and hold longer. This means it may wear out faster. Since stainless steel is not heat-treated, its surface hardness is different from carbon steel. It retains heat for longer, reducing its tensile strength and extending its lifespan. Nonetheless, stainless steel roller chains are ideal for a variety of industrial applications.
The stainless steel roller chain is made of high-quality material. For example, the Premier series stainless steel roller chains are manufactured in Japan using a special type of stainless steel shot peening process. They also feature a solid roller design that reduces side flex. The Premier range also features highly polished side panels and is available in 10′ boxes, 50′ reels, and 100′ reels. They can also be cut to length if necessary.

Accumulation conveyor

Roller chain accumulation conveyors are designed to transport loads up to 440 lbs or 200 kg. The accumulator chain is located on large idler rollers to ensure quiet operation and the minimum force required to hold the pallet. They are suitable for various applications and can be integrated into the entire processing system. These conveyor belts have T-slots on three sides of the profile frame for connecting brackets and sensors.
Sensors installed in the accumulation area detect objects on the conveyor line and send signals to the motors that power the accumulation area. The motor can be external or built into the drum itself. Other types of sensors use light, such as photosensors. Photoelectric sensors detect objects by emitting and receiving specific wavelengths of light. This option is cost-effective because the sensor rollers are located slightly above the surface of the conveyor line.
Roller chain accumulation conveyors can be constructed of steel or plastic rollers. It can be equipped with staggered or coaxial rollers. Safety cover prevents accidental insertion of fingers into the chain, improving operator safety. The safety cover is compatible with the chain type and required bend radius. These caps are made of plastic clips that fit permanently on the inner links of the chain. They do not interfere with conveyed goods or workpiece carriers.
There are two basic types of accumulation conveyors: free flow and accumulation. Free-flowing chains allow conveyed objects to slide directly onto the chain while stacking chains allow goods to slide under the chain. Accumulation chains are commonly used in the food and packaging industries and have rollers that support conveyed objects. The free-flowing conveyor system eliminates the risk of damaging objects, as the rollers in the accumulation conveyor are in direct contact with the bottom of the cargo.

Custom attachment

Standard accessories for roller chains are available in a variety of styles. Typically, they can be assembled on pin or roller links. When referring to connecting chains, it is important to know how to refer to pitch and center-to-center spacing. The pitch of the roller chain should include inner and outer roller links and must alternate every three pitches. Additionally, you can order custom accessories for pin or roller linkages. Below are some examples of custom accessories for roller chains.
Stainless steel roller chains are one of the most well-known chains for this application. It has a stainless steel 304 finish to create curved and straight lugs. For even more flexibility, you can also request custom accessories such as chain plate holes and pins. For added safety, various accessories can be attached to the single-pitch roller chain. It can also be made with multiple pins or curved lugs.
HKK Chains is stocked with much stainless steel and carbon steel standard connecting chains. Most of the time, they can assemble a custom accessory chain in no time. For example, a single-pitch chain with two connecting holes is called a wide profile. Additionally, chains can be manufactured in a variety of materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel, Lambda, plastic, and Ultra WP. In addition, a wide range of unique accessories is available for special industries.

China Hot selling Zebra Blind Shutter Components Bead Manufacturer Heavy Duty Curtain Side Stopper Plastic Sprocket pom Endless Roller Chain  near me shop China Hot selling Zebra Blind Shutter Components Bead Manufacturer Heavy Duty Curtain Side Stopper Plastic Sprocket pom Endless Roller Chain  near me shop

China factory Mini excavator KH90 sprocket for CZPT undercarriage track drive sprocket with Best Sales

Condition: New, 100% new
Applicable Industries: Building Material Shops, Machinery Repair Shops, Farms, Construction works
Showroom Location: None
Video outgoing-inspection: Provided
Machinery Test Report: Provided
Marketing Type: New Product 2571
Warranty: 1 Year
Material: 50Mn
Model: KH90
Application: For Compact excavator undercarriage
Color: Black
Type: Construction machinery parts
Advantage: Wear-resisting / long-lasting parts
Manufacturer: For Kubota
Key word: Mini excavator chassis drive sprocket / chain sprockets
Product name: Mini excavator KH90 sprocket for CZPT track drive sprocket
Packaging Details: Export standard wooden box/pallets
Port: HangZhou

Mini excavator KH90 sprocket for CZPT undercarriage track drive sprocket

Product detailMaterial:50MnModel:KH90Application:For Compact excavator undercarriageColor:BlackType:Construction machinery partsCondition:100% newAdvantage:Wear-resisting / long-lasting partsManufacturer:For CZPT

Echoo is a manufacturer of mini excavator undercarriage parts with well-equipped testing facilities and strong technical force.
Core parts: Track roller, top roller, sprocket, Custom Timing Belt Pulley Bushing Metal Pulleys Wheel idler, track chain assy etc. Echoo parts are extensively used in construction machinery and widely recognized and trusted by users.Welcome new and old customers from all over the world to contact us for future business relationships and mutual success!

Contact us
Contact info<< Skype: +15375822856
<< Wechat: Echoo9988
< Precision Turning Drive Shaft Fastener For Brush Cutter < Whatsapp: +15375822856
<< Mobile phone:+15375822856
<< Mail: poly at echoo.cn
<< HangZhou cnc machining service 12 23 spline shaft coupling Facebook: /miniexcavator.polly.echooparts
<< Linkedin: /in/polly-mini-excavator-parts-echooparts
Why EchooEchoo brings you 24×7 online shopping for the experienced construction machinery parts experts that know what you need and fast delivery to save customers downtime cost.

Shop online for your undercarriage parts for all of aftermarket mini/heavy excavator,dozer,pavera,loader needs.
We offer competitive pricing as well as wholesale customer discounts.

Production Process

Packaging & Shipping

< TJ-BKACS 110~160 Ratio Worm Speed Gearbox Reducer with Electromagnetic Clutch and Brake << Click here to back home

buy drive chain

Buying a drive chain requires a certain understading of its characteristics. This article discusses the different types of chains available, including Silent, Flat-top, and Duplex. By the end of this article, you should have a basic understanding of what each type of chain is for. First, here are some basic rules to keep in mind when shopping for a chain. To find the drive chain that best suits your needs, read on.

roller chain

Choosing the right roller chain for your drive chain depends on several factors. First, you have to determine the motor horsepower and rpm for the small drive sprocket. These values ​​determine the size of the chain and the number of teeth on the drive sprocket. Next, you need to determine the size of the conveyor chain, it can be the horizontal, vertical, or curved radius. Depending on your specific needs, you can also choose between two-strand or three-strand chains.
The roller chain of the drive chain must be properly tensioned. It should also have a proper lubrication system. Chain sag should not exceed two to four percent of the center distance (the distance between the two axles). Also, it shouldn’t make any unusual noises or obvious problems. One of the main reasons for excessive wear is the size of the load. Each chain has a specified maximum working load.
The maximum roller chain load must be less than 1/9 or 6 times the tensile strength of the drive chain. This amount should not exceed this threshold, as exceeding this level will result in chain plate fatigue. To avoid this, you should use a roller chain with a higher number of strands. Also, for high power requirements, a roller chain with a higher number of strands is recommended. One final tip for choosing a drive chain: it should not be used when there is a high risk of corrosion or rusting.
The materials used to manufacture roller chains vary according to the specific application. Common materials include steel and stainless steel. However, stainless steel is used in food processing machinery and other environments that require lubrication. Brass and nylon are also sometimes used. These factors determine the selection of suitable materials for the drive chain. If you are not sure which material to use, you can consult an industry professional. These professionals will help you choose the right chain for the job at hand.

mute chain

The design of the silent transmission chain is as follows: the large chain plates 2 are stacked one on top of the other in the direction of the chain length. The connecting rods are connected by connecting pins 3. The outermost and central guide plates 4 are fastened to the connecting pins 3 by means of rivets. This construction helps minimize friction on the sliding surfaces of the chain. Chainplate 2 of the silent transmission chain is usually made of stainless steel.
The link plates are made of steel and have a rectangular shape with pinholes 41. These guide plates have no teeth but have curved surfaces that guide the silent drive chain on the sprockets. In addition, the rear portion of the guide plate is higher than the portion of the chainplate. This feature improves pitch balance. The present invention is also applicable to silent transmission chains using rockers.
When it comes to chain design, it’s important to remember that silent drive chains are often used in automotive engines, especially timing and cam drives. This type of drive reduces noise and vibration due to its low engagement angle and links engagement with the sprocket. However, these applications are not limited to timing and cam drives; they can also be used for front-wheel power transmission. For example, silent drive chains are designed to resemble those used in NASCAR racing engines.
The design of the silent drive chain is based on the structure of the roller chain. Its components are standardized and manufactured according to pitch. There are single-row and multi-row versions. Quiet chains, also known as inverted tooth chains, are shaped to reduce noise from stretching. It’s also designed to minimize the amount of friction caused by small changes in pitch. Its teeth don’t slide against each other, so the chain is smoother and more durable.

flat top chain

One of the important parts of the flat top chainplate system is the hinge pin, which is used to fix the chainplate and is responsible for the smooth and efficient conveying of the chainplate. There are several types of hinge pins, including single hinge pins and double hinge pins. The single hinge pin is suitable for the chainplate with a small span and small bearing capacity, and the double hinge pin is suitable for the chainplate with a large span and high bearing capacity.
The side bending flat top chain is suitable for conveying large and medium workpiece pallets. They can be made of steel or plastic, each with its own advantages. Both chainplates are designed to convey material smoothly. Side curved flat-top chains can be used on straight conveyors. They have a low coefficient of friction and can transport weights up to 1.2 kg/cm. They can also be combined with HD profiles.
Flat top drive chains are usually made of plastic material and come in two types: tabletop chains and buffer chains. They come in a variety of widths, but the most popular are standard widths, ranging from 3.25 inches to 12 inches. MatTop chains are usually shipped in 10-foot lengths. They come in different styles, but they all have the same basic specs. Tabletop chains are designed for general conveying, while pad chains are used for specific applications. Solid top chains are suitable for conveying bulk materials, while wide pad chains can handle large volumes of fluids and/or solid-solid mixtures.
These chain conveyors can be used to convey, connect or lift small items. This type of chain is especially useful in industries where the product is hot or greasy. The modular design of these chains allows them to be configured in three dimensions, making them suitable for production changes and transitions. They also help reduce slack in the chain. Flat top chains are commonly used in final assembly and mechanical or paint restoration in the automotive industry.

double chain

Besides the roller chain, another type of chain drive is the double drive chain. This type of chain consists of a series of short cylindrical rollers connected together by side links and driven by gears called sprockets. This type of chain is very reliable and only requires a tractor with a high rpm PTO. It is manufactured by CZPT and is available in many different sizes and finishes.

Self-lubricating chain

Self-lubricating drive chains are the ideal solution for applications that do not require the relubrication of conventional chains. This maintenance-free roller chain features fully heat-treated components that increase the chain’s fatigue resistance and strength. It’s sintered alloy bushings are oil-impregnated, reducing the chance of premature wear and elongation. Its self-lubricating properties enhance its durability and work well even in hard-to-reach places.
CZPT self-lubricating roller chains feature preloaded sintered steel bearing pins and oil-impregnated sintered bushings. These chains are drop-in replacements for standard roller chains and run on the same sprockets as standard chains. In addition to being maintenance-free, self-lubricating roller chains are compatible with most existing sprockets and are ideal for demanding applications.
The O-ring chain concept was used to develop self-lubricating systems. It has two or more annular grease storage chambers. A self-lubricating bushing roller chain has an oil reservoir between its pin chain and the roller chainplate. A grease seal between these two plates isolates the moving parts and keeps the joints well lubricated. O-rings are made of special nitrile rubber, whose properties vary by application.
CZPT SLR conveyor chains and CZPT SLR drive chains have rollers on sintered bushings. CZPT SLR chains and SLR conveyor chains are self-lubricating and have a higher working load than standard ANSI chains. They may not be interchangeable with other self-lubricating chains from other manufacturers. Self-lubricating drive chains are the best solution for demanding industrial applications requiring heavy-duty, reliable conveying.

China factory Mini excavator KH90 sprocket for CZPT undercarriage track drive sprocket  with Best SalesChina factory Mini excavator KH90 sprocket for CZPT undercarriage track drive sprocket  with Best Sales

China Power transmission reliable standard roller chains alloy steel sprocket conveyor chain with ce certificate top quality Good price

Item Description

Energy transmission trustworthy normal roller chains alloy steel sprocket conveyor chain

Item introduction

Content Carbon steel ,alloy steel etc.
Surface Treatment method Sharpening,Unique Colour,Polishing
Applicable Industries Building Substance Shops, CZPT Plant, CZPT ry ………
Regular or CZPT normal Standard
Heat Therapy: Substantial Temperature Hardening
Shade Elf,darkish yellow,dark blue,black

•Large reduction ratio (typically up to 1:7)
•Chains can be utilised with CZPT shaft center distances (generally up to 4m). By altering the number of back links it is possible to freely alter the shaft middle length.
•The chain can be utilised on each sides and travel multiple shafts at the identical time.
•Easy set up and alternative (straightforward to reduce and link chains).
•If the length in between shafts is short, it can be employed vertically.
•The sprocket diameter of a chain generate CZPT scaled-down than a belt pulley while transmitting the same torque.
•Transmitting CZPT by meshing many enamel benefits in significantly less wear of sprocket enamel than gears.
•Chain drives have better shock absorption than equipment drives.


Large STHangZhouRD Warmth Treatment method

By way of large specifications,strictly control the heat,improve the hardness/power and provide service life.

Large Top quality Content

Stunning and corrosion-resistant, the product area is dealt with with rust prevention, beautiful and simple!



The thickness is CZPT ized from raw substance chain plate in strict accordance with the regular


Slicing in strict accordance with the normal, CZPT screening,
and never reduce corners

The chain can be divided into limited pitch precision roller chain, limited pitch precision roller chain, large duty transmission curved roller chain, cement equipment chain, plate chain substantial power chain substantial energy chain rigging sequence, expert use in the device, transportation, CZPT support, manufacturing help, creation line supporting and special atmosphere supporting use.

Green CZPT Market Co Llimited is an intercontinental export company blended with factory specializing in the producing of brake method , clutch method,spark plug and chain . Our firm is a specialist company and provider of brake,chain and clutch in CZPT . We both have CZPT own brake lining factory, brake pad manufacturing facility, brake shoe factory ,clutch disc manufacturing facility,chain manufacturing unit, spark plug factory .We concentrate on establishing high-quality products for CZPT market ,Our organization have designed and developed higher quality brake in method CZPT -metallic and asbestos cost-free for vehicle and brake shoe assembly for weighty obligation truck . The production are noted great qualities this sort of as high power , higher warmth-resisting , dress in-resisting.lower dust virtue ,no noise and much better security . The sequence goods experienced been exporting to North -The united states ,Europe ,Middle -East ,Australia and etc, commonly sale to domestic CZPT factories and aftermarket.

Our company is composed of professional crew , approach CZPT d generation inspection and testing equipment Every single item have handed the very first inspection, method inspection, error avoidance, and laboratory tests to make sure that each and every piece of qualified items sent to CZPT ers

We are identified to established up the aim of “excellent high quality and satisfying service·, with·the first course good quality , reasonable value and perfect service . we established strick demand and run conforming to the common to assure all the merchandise can be fulfill CZPT CZPT er’s needs
one.Q: What is the certificate of your manufacturing facility?
   A: We have handed IAF ISO and TS16949  certification.

2.Q: Can it be produced according to the sample?
   A: Of course, we can create via your samples or technological drawings. We can create molds and fixtures.

3.Q: Do you test all merchandise before delivery?
   A: Sure, we carry out a hundred% quality testing ahead of shipping, and we are a hundred% liable for merchandise good quality.

four.Q: What is your supply time?
   A:If we have stock, we can send out it immediately in a 7 days. If not, it normally ranges from 7 days to 35 times, relying on the quantity.

5.Q: What is your sample coverage?
   A: We want to give you with samples for acceptance. There will be no cost for 1 or 2 samples, but the CZPT er wants to bear the courier fee 1st. 
It will be disadvantage to CZPT er when get placed

six.Q: How do you make CZPT business set up a CZPT -expression excellent cooperative romantic relationship?
   A:1. We keep excellent quality and aggressive costs to make certain that CZPT CZPT ers gain
      2. We regard every single CZPT er as CZPT pal, we do business sincerely and make friends broadly,No make a difference in which they arrive from. 

This sort of chain is used in the preliminary phases of electrical power transmission advancement. When the sprocket moves closer to or absent from the tooth, noise is produced as the tooth rub against the connecting rod. These types of chains are employed to some extent for lower-velocity conveyor chains.
China Power transmission reliable standard roller chains alloy steel sprocket conveyor chain with ce certificate top quality Good price

China Wholesale Motorcycle Sprocket Cg125 Cg150 Motorcycle Chain with Competitive Price with ce certificate top quality Good price

Item Description

Wholesale bike sprocket CG125 CG150 motorcycle chain with competitive value  

Product Demonstrate

Much more Merchandise


Q1. What is your terms of packing?
A: Generally, we pack CZPT products in CZPT white packing containers and brown cartons. If you have legally registered patent,we can pack the items in your branded containers following acquiring your authorization letters.

Q2. What is your terms of payment?
A: T/T 30% as deposit, and 70% ahead of shipping and delivery. We will display you the images of the items and packages before you shell out the stability.

Q3. What is your terms of supply?


This autumn. How about your shipping time?
A: Normally, it will just take 30 to 60 days right after receiving your CZPT payment. The distinct shipping time depends on the things and the amount of your order.

Q5. Can you generate according to the samples?
A: Yes, we can create by your samples or complex drawings. We can develop the molds and fixtures.

Q6. What is your sample policy?
A: We can supply the sample if we have ready components in inventory, but the CZPT ers have to pay out the sample expense and the courier expense.

Q7. Do you check all your goods just before supply?
A: Yes, we have one hundred% check just before supply

Q8: How do you make CZPT organization CZPT -phrase and very good partnership?
A:1. We maintain excellent top quality and competitive value to ensure CZPT CZPT ers reward
two. We respect every CZPT er as CZPT good friend and we sincerely do organization and make friends with them,no matter exactly where they appear from.


Like all of our roller chains, our solitary-strand roller chains are heat dipped to ensure a hundred% lubricated components and heat dealt with to boost use resistance. Our hot dip lubrication strategy guarantees that each one strand roller chain operates at highest potential and put on life for as prolonged as possible. EP Chain proudly offers very resilient one chain roller chains for your convenience. Every of our solitary-strand roller chains is preloaded during the producing process, effectively lowering first elongation following you acquire your product. You will locate our one-strand roller chains utilized in a range of programs, such as the foods market or conveyor belts. At EP Chain, we realize that downtime can suggest misplaced company and earnings. Our one-strand roller chains are the lacking link your business demands to preserve devices and every day functions running efficiently.
China Wholesale Motorcycle Sprocket Cg125 Cg150 Motorcycle Chain with Competitive Price with ce certificate top quality Good price

China Stainless Steel Conveyor Chain Sprocket Grippers Roller Chain Manufacturing with ce certificate top quality Good price

Solution Description

We can source all varieties indutrial roller chains for transmission, this kind of as the DIN8187 or ANSI standard roller chains, and specialized in this line for a lot more than 10years, with great good quality and high reputation in CZPT CZPT ers.
Item identify: Roller Chain, chain, special chain
Content: 40Mn with warmth-handled and with common thickness for plates

1) A series chains:
A) Simplex: twenty five-1 ~ 240-1
B) Duplex: twenty five-2 ~ 240-two
C) Triplex: 35-3 ~ 240-3
D) Quadruplex: forty-4 ~ 240-four
E) Quintuple: forty-5 ~ 240-five
F) Sextuple: forty-6 ~ 240-6
G) Octuple: forty-8 ~ 240-eight
2) B collection chains:
A) Simplex: 04B-1 ~ 72B-one
B) Duplex: 04B-2 ~ 72B-2
C) Triplex: 06B-3 ~ 72B-3
D) Quadruplex: 08B-4 ~ 48B-four
E) Quintuple: 08B-5 ~ 48B-5
F) Sextuple: 08B-6 ~ 48B-six
G) Octuple: 08B-8 ~ 48B-eight
three) Colors CZPT : CZPT , yellow, blue, black
4) CZPT : Carbon metal, stainless steel-304
five) also can be nickled plated or zinc plated for the chain areas

Item Description


Our Benefits


WHY Decide on US

Thorough Solution Portfolio We generate and supply a broad variety of CZPT transmission
items which includes drive chains, leaf chains, conveyor chains, agricultural chains, sprockets, and
couplings. This a single-store-for-all buying expertise will substantially decrease your searching costs whilst
ensure youfind what you want at one click.

Worth Selection Items Our products are the best mix of top quality and cost, and you get what
you want inside your budgets

Seasoned Sales Associates and Engineers We have fifteen seasoned sales associates and five engineers
on CZPT group at your disposal any time when you need a assisting hand. They are effectively trained with industry
know-now and will constantly react to your requests in 24 several hours.

a hundred% CZPT er Retention Fee Our typical CZPT ers from overseas appear back again not just for CZPT
premium good quality products, but for the excellent providers that we have supplied above the several years.


Q1: What’s your common guide time?
A: It differs. Our typical end-to-finish direct time is 1-2 months.. We also provide express shipments for hurry orders. For particulars,please seek the advice of CZPT revenue associate.

Q2: Is your value much better than your competition offered the very same high quality?
A: Definitely Yes. We provide the most competitive price tag in the CZPT transmission sector. If value disparity exists, we will be far more than happy to do a price match.
Q3: Can you make chains in accordance to my CAD drawings?
A: Yes. Aside from the normal regular chains, we produce CZPT -normal and CZPT -design items to meet up with the particular complex specifications. In fact, a sizable part of CZPT generation capability is assigned to make CZPT -common items.

Q4: Can we inspect the items just before shipment?
A: Of course. You or your representative or any third-party inspection social gathering assigned is permitted accessibility to CZPT facility and do the inspection.

Q5: What sort of payment technique is suitable for your mill?
A: We’re flexible. We just take T/T, L/C, or any other online payment approaches so CZPT as it really is applicable for you.

Q6: What if I have any other questions?
A: Each time in question, you’re always encouraged to check with CZPT sales associate any time – They will help you to your fulfillment.


Find the roller chain at EP, which has a wider midsection plate to aid carry heavier masses on conveyor belts, wire rod equipment, printing presses and several other industrial applications. Roller chains are entirely interchangeable and pre-lubricated to help reduce elongation. Select solitary or riveted chains with zinc and aluminum coatings to help avoid rust and chemical corrosion.
China Stainless Steel Conveyor Chain Sprocket Grippers Roller Chain Manufacturing with ce certificate top quality Good price

China Motorcycle Parts Motorcycle Sprocket Kit and Chain Fits with ce certificate top quality Good price

Solution Description

38T/15T,428*108L CZPT cycle CZPT Package& Chain fits for ITALIKA FORZA125

one)  Substance:  CZPT
2)  Enamel:  38T/15T
three)  Specification:  428*108L
four)  Surface area Therapy:  Heat Treatment method

HangZhou CZPT CZPT Co., Ltd is CZPT professional supplier of all sorts of  parts for CZPT cycles and ATVs.  Through 17 years attempts, it has developed into a expert motorbike areas export business proudly owning unbiased R & D foundation, warehouse, package and export product sales crew because it embarked on bike areas in 2001. It has now a personnel of virtually fifty folks, several hundred associated cooperative matching models, a sample place of about 1500 sq. meters and a trade platform giving all varieties of  motorcycle elements. The yearly product sales quantity of CZPT Firm reaches all around 20 million US Bucks.

The Organization offers in 3 principal organizations:
Initial, all varieties of refitted pieces in worldwide substantial-end marketplaces. 
For example, the independently designed and created merchandise including modified items, vehicle human body, reflective mirror, cylinder, motor side cover, instrument and and so on in CZPT pean and CZPT ican marketplaces. HangZhou CZPT CZPT Co., Ltd has established up workplaces in CZPT pe and CZPT ica so as to have much better following-income services markets.

Second, relevant motorcycle parts goods in North CZPT ica  market
Dependent on unbiased R & D, HangZhou CZPT CZPT Co.,Ltd develops all sorts of large-stop components motorcycle components, this sort of as all sorts of sharpening oxidation area remedy hardware pieces such as CNC processing aluminum body, hardware attractive items, aluminum wheel and etc.

Suits For South CZPT ican Marketplace Design:
BAJAJ 180 ,205, BOXER one hundred, DISCOVERY a hundred twenty five, PULSAR 200
HONDA CARGO one hundred twenty five, CARGO 150, CGL125 Instrument, INVICTA one hundred twenty five, INVICTA one hundred fifty, TITAN 150,   CBR 600, C90, CD100, XL125, GL150,
ITALIKA AT110, AT110 RT, AT110 Activity, DS125, DS150, FT110, FT125, FT150, FT150 GT, GS150, GS175, STRADA 70, VENDETA 90, 150Z, ,DM150, VITALIA125,
SUZUKI AX100, AX115, GN125, GS125, GSXR600,
YAMAHA BWS100, CRYPTON a hundred and ten, R1, R6,FZ16, RX100, RXZ100, RXS115, YB125, YBR125, YBR125 Express, BWS125,DT125, 
TVS KING, CARDAN, BROSS 125/150  CG200, CG125, CBX200, JH70, XLR125, C-100BIZ, TITAN2000, TITAN99, C70ZC, RX115LIBERO, GY6-a hundred twenty five/150

Fits For CZPT pe, Asia And Africa Marketplace Design:
GY6 50/125/one hundred fifty,DELTA,ALPHA ,EX110,
CG125-250,CB125-250,SUZUKI Let us,
SEPIA ,HONDA AF18/24/27/28/34/35,HONDA CZPT ,

Like all of our roller chains, our solitary-strand roller chains are heat dipped to ensure one hundred% lubricated elements and heat dealt with to boost put on resistance. Our hot dip lubrication technique guarantees that every single solitary strand roller chain operates at greatest capability and put on lifestyle for as prolonged as attainable. EP Chain proudly provides hugely sturdy one chain roller chains for your comfort. Every of our single-strand roller chains is preloaded for the duration of the manufacturing procedure, effectively minimizing preliminary elongation following you get your item. You will find our one-strand roller chains used in a range of purposes, these kinds of as the foods industry or conveyor belts. At EP Chain, we understand that downtime can imply missing business and earnings. Our single-strand roller chains are the lacking url your organization wants to maintain equipment and every day functions running smoothly.
China Motorcycle Parts Motorcycle Sprocket Kit and Chain Fits with ce certificate top quality Good price

China Motorcycle Spare Parts Accessories Sprocket and Chain Kit with ce certificate top quality Good price

Product Description

Motorcycle CZPT Areas Equipment CZPT and Chain Kit 

Introduction of HangZhou HangZhoung:

HangZhou HangZhoung CZPT Areas CZPT Co., Ltd. was recognized in 2009, positioned in Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. District, HangZhou Town, design region of 3000 sq. meters, the present domestic and overseas personnel a lot more than two hundred. The business mainly engaged in motorbike components, involving the income of virtually 5000 elements of far more than 30 designs It also owns 6 impartial brands these kinds of as HangZhoung, Evocs, UFC, Maersk, CZPT -V and Hanchi. The business has set up offices in Cote d’ivoire, Ghana and Burikina faso, and its products are marketed to 7 nations in South CZPT ica, Middle CZPT , Africa and other areas.
HangZhou HangZhoung Abroad Firm Profile:
HangZhoung Overseas Company was recognized in 2008. As the organization system of HangZhou HangZhoung bike elements overseas revenue, abroad businesses undertake the accountability of increasing the intercontinental marketplace with their very own brand names. There are more than one hundred sixty Chinese and international workers. Accompanied by and with the tempo of internationalization, overseas branch enterprise has lined sixteen marketplaces such as west Africa, South CZPT ica, the Center CZPT . At existing, the firm has set up abroad branches in Burkina Faso, Cote d ‘Ivoireand Ghana, set up a bike areas manufacturing facility in Ouagadougou, obtained manufacturing facility reserve land in CZPT Africa, constructed a warehouse and obtained business land and industrial land in Burkina Faso.Because its institution, the oversea business has constantly adhered to the idea of “charity has no boundaries, wonderful really like has no boundaries”, and has been fully commited to the local social welfare pursuits such as helping to develop educational institutions, aiding victims in disaster regions, and many others. Therefore, the company has recognized a deep friendship with foreign CZPT ers and the regional authorities, which has also laid a reliable basis for the company’s sustainable advancement.
Business Benefits

one,OEM support & owns 6 independent brands this sort of as HangZhoung, Evocs, UFC, Maersk, CZPT -V and Hanchi.
two,Dependable& competitive cost.
three,On time supply & CZPT ble following-revenue services.
four,Broad assortment of areas for a lot more models CZPT .
5,We have occupation expertise about CZPT cycle components ,a lot more than twelve a long time experience in motorcycle parts.

Product NO. OUR Bike Goods
AX100 Cylinder Head Valve Crankshaft Piston Ring Brake Shoes Handle Switch Spark Plug Front Shock Absorber Pipe
BAJAJ100 Cylinder Kit Clutch Camshaft Wheel Hub Brake Pad Sprocket Package Ignition Coil Rear Shock Absorber
CGL Piston Package Motor Clutch Plate Side Mirror Brake Cylinder Speedometer Lighting collection Front Shock Absorber
JY110 Carburetor Tyre Timing Chain Wheel Rim Lock Method Chain Fuel Tank Transmission Shaft Assy

1. How to get the greatest cost?
Re: The bulk purchase value can be negotiated.
We will quote the most recent greatest value according to the CZPT er closing buy record.

two.Can I get a sample to check your top quality?
Re:  Sure! For most merchandise sample for totally free, but all other expense need to have to pay by CZPT er.
Freight will be returned in initial buy.

three.What is your shipping and delivery time?
Re: Generally 30 operating days 
Generally talking, we propose that you begin inquiry 1 months just before the date you would like to get the merchandise at your country.

4.What is your conditions of packing?
Re:Typically, we pack CZPT items in Our Manufacturer Paper Carton Box. If you have lawfully registered patent,we can pack the merchandise in your branded packing containers following acquiring your authorization letters. 

Thx for reading through CZPT s introduction. 

Whether or not you are creating from scratch or updating an present project, discovering the correct measurement for your roller chain is a essential 1st decision. To accurately measure a roller chain, you need to know the overall width, diameter, and width of the rollers, plate thickness, and height.
China Motorcycle Spare Parts Accessories Sprocket and Chain Kit with ce certificate top quality Good price

China Selling Custom 8t-120t C45 Steel Industrial Roller Hand Chain Hoist Sprocket with ce certificate top quality Good price

Solution Description

Stone/Rock/Mining Crusher CZPT Components Jaw/Cone/Effect/VSI Crusher Parts
We give crusher spare parts for numerous band of crushing crops. 

We supply substitute components for many brands of crushing plants. like, manganese liners,cone crusher mantle and concave(bowl liner), hsi bars and liners, blow bars, facet liners, jaw liners, jaw plates, teeth plates, VSI use parts, and so on, for jaw crusher, cone crusher, affect crusher, VSI sand maker, and so on.

We can provide custom casting provider, based on the drawings from the clientele.
We will make wooden mould, and sand cast the parts, after a series procedures, you will get high quality wear parts in large manganese matching your devices. 
1-Introduction of Jaw Crusher Elements
Jaw plate is produced with super large manganese metal, therefore it has a support existence 50~one hundred% CZPT er than individuals manufactured of standard large manganese steel. CZPT y product of PE sequence jaw crushers is examined for shock, stress, strain, thermal loading, deformation, vibration and sound beneath a broad variety of load circumstances. The particular processing techniques guarantee that CZPT jaw plate has major overall performance:
1)Making use of chilly processing hardening engineering, the hardness is enhanced.
two)Drinking water toughening technological innovation to keep away from producing the performance inadequate in the course of the approach of normal stage change.

2- Introduction of Cone Crusher Areas
which is created to protect the Cone Crusher, hence improves the working lifestyle.We source higher competent concave in higher Cr, Mo, alloy metal for Cone Crusher.
Cone Crusher Parts 
1. CZPT areas for Cone Crusher.
2. Be employed in manganese steel
three. We can do as per CZPT er’s needs.
We manufacture an comprehensive assortment of use and spare components in CZPT for the worlds most common crushing brand names, like the spare areas for the under crushers.

Crusher kind Model Spare areas
Cone   crusher HP100, HP200, HP300, HP400, HP500, HP4, HP5, GP100, GP200, GP300, GP550, GP11 Bowl liner, mantle
H2800, H3800, H4800, H6800, H7800, H8800, S2800, S3800, S4800, S6800
4FT.Normal, 4-1/4FT.Quick head , 5-1/2FT.Normal

Characteristics of cone crusher dress in components :
one) Material: high manganese metal:Mn13Cr2, Mn18Cr2, etc
2) Use: CZPT ry in steel recovery smash, mine, metallurgy, chemical industry, cement, petroleum and so on.
three) Production good quality tests: CZPT frequency infrared carbon & sulfur analyzer, CZPT lographic microscope, CZPT ry overall performance tests tools, Hardness tests gear, CZPT sonic inspection tools
4) Easy set up: The anti-abrasion block is a semi-long lasting element, which is straightforward for alternative.
Chemical composition of cone crusher put on parts

Code CZPT m C Mn Si Cr Mo P S
ZGMn13-one one-1.45 eleven-14 .3-1 ≤0.09 ≤0.04
ZGMn13-two .9-1.35 eleven-14 .3-one ≤0.09 ≤0.04
ZGMn13-3 .9-1.35 eleven-14 .3-.eight ≤0.09 ≤0.04
ZGMn13-4 .9-1.three eleven-fourteen .3-.eight 1.5-two ≤0.09 ≤0.04
ZGMn13-five .seventy five-1.3 11-fourteen .3-one .9-1.2 ≤0.09 ≤0.04

three-Introduction of Influence Crusher Parts
Blow bar Created by high wear-resisting material:substantial chrome forged-iron and high-manganese steel.
We manufacture an comprehensive range of use and spare areas in CZPT for the worlds most well-known crushing brands.
Chemical composition of Influence Crusher Parts

NO. chemical composition % HRC
C Si Mn Cr Mo Na Cu P S
KmTBCr4Mo two.5-3.5 .5-1. .5-1. three.5-4.5 .3-.five ≤0.15 ≤0.ten ≥55
KmTBCr9Ni5Si2 2.5-3.6 one.5-2.2 .3-.8 eight.-10. -1. 4.5-6.five four.5-6.five ≥58
KmTBCr15Mo two.8-3.5 ≤1. .5-1. thirteen-18 .5-3. -1. -1. ≤0.10 ≤0.06 ≥58
KmTBCr20Mo 2.-3.3 ≤1.2 ≤2. eighteen-23 ≤3. ≤2.5 ≤1.two ≥60
KmTBCr26 two.3-3.3 ≤1.2 ≤1. 23-30 ≤3. ≤2.5 ≤2. ≥60

Crusher CZPT r Components


Chain pitch: refers to the length between the hinge heart of one particular chain hyperlink and the hinge centre corresponding to the adjacent chain hyperlink. Sprocket Pitch Circle Diameter: The diameter of the circle exactly where the heart of the hinge is when the chain is wrapped around the ball. The hinge facilities of the chain and the circles drawn by means of these centers are called pitch circles, and their diameters are referred to as pitch circle diameters.These chains are utilised to constantly lift and express content at a velocity of 2 m/s. There are two sorts of conveyor chains: Removable or hooked chains: This sort of conveyor chain is utilized for electricity transmission between conveyors of shorter lengths. Shut chain: composed of the cylinder block and connecting rod, forged and formed, with higher energy right after warmth therapy.
China Selling Custom 8t-120t C45 Steel Industrial Roller Hand Chain Hoist Sprocket with ce certificate top quality Good price

China High Quality Motorcycle Sprocket / Chain Wheel with ce certificate top quality Good price

Merchandise Description

ChangZhou YiRui Machining Co.,LTD,which is a skilled company of CZPT common areas.
Produced as for every CZPT nationwide standards or CZPT er’s specified requirements.
Max Diameter: 6000mm for ring forgings and 5000mm for cake-shape forgings.

Considering that establised in 2008 CZPT CZPT common elements has been exported to many international locations, this sort of as CZPT ican, CZPT pean nations around the world, Asian countries, and so on. Our goods are broadly utilized in petroleum and chemical market, CZPT generation, shipbuilding, weighty machinery, and so on

Product particulars

Title Gear
Material according to your requirements

1. Common: GB, JIS, DIN, ASTM, BS and CZPT -common
two. Module: .3 – 2, standard and CZPT -standard, according to the CZPT er’s requirements
three. Content: AISI 5140, 1045
4. CZPT : 
Measuring & testing products: Projecting profile, roughness tester, hardness tester, concentricity tester and many others
5. Competitive price tag and primary top quality and greatest support and well timed shipment
six. Small demo purchase accepeted and assure superb workmanship
seven. Payment: 30% T/T in CZPT
eight. Inspection: In-home and the 3rd get together
9. Packing: CZPT packing or as per CZPT ers’ requests
ten. Sample rule: Generally, sample can be free, but the consumer want to spend the freight charge.

Constantly create merchandise in accordance to your sample or drawings
Organization data
HangZhou YiRui Machining Co., Ltd. is a professional company and exporter in shaft, gear, roller…Foundation on clients’ drawings
or specs, which was launched in June 2008, is positioned in Heshu CZPT Park, BHangZhoug, CZPT a town, Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis.n District,
HangZhou metropolis, ZheJiang Province. 

The organization is dedicated to “the domestic 1st-class supporting provider”, by means of attracting talent and instruction repeatedly,
import properly-acknowledged CNC at higher level. The business has a multi-axis CNC 12 sets, 8 sets of precision CNC machine instruments, all sorts
of automobiles, punching, drilling, milling dozens, powerful specialized force. Our prosperity of creation knowledge allows us to meet up with all of CZPT
clients’ demands.
We aid firms obtain competitive gain via merchandise growth and provide value superiority.
Our Goods are exported to Japan, CZPT pe and South Africa, other international locations and regions. 

We stick to the principle of “quality first, provider 1st, ongoing advancement and innovation to fulfill the CZPT ers
” for the administration and “zero defect, zero complaints” as the quality objective. To ideal CZPT provider, we supply the products
with the very good good quality at the realistic price.

Any issue, please feel free to speak to me.

Discover the roller chain at EP, which has a broader waistline plate to assist have heavier masses on conveyor belts, wire rod equipment, printing presses and several other industrial apps. Roller chains are entirely interchangeable and pre-lubricated to aid minimize elongation. Decide on single or riveted chains with zinc and aluminum coatings to help avoid rust and chemical corrosion.
China High Quality Motorcycle Sprocket / Chain Wheel with ce certificate top quality Good price

China High Quality Shine Chain Sprocket Wheel with Surface Treatment with ce certificate top quality Good price

Item Description

ChangZhou YiRui Machining Co.,LTD,which is a professional manufacturer of CZPT regular parts.
Created as per CZPT countrywide standards or CZPT er’s specified needs.
Max Diameter: 6000mm for ring forgings and 5000mm for cake-condition forgings.

Considering that establised in 2008 CZPT CZPT common parts has been exported to many international locations, these kinds of as CZPT ican, CZPT pean nations, Asian nations around the world, and so on. Our products are widely utilised in petroleum and chemical industry, CZPT technology, shipbuilding, heavy machinery, and so on

Product information

Title Gear
Content according to your needs

1. Normal: GB, JIS, DIN, ASTM, BS and CZPT -common
two. Module: .3 – 2, standard and CZPT -common, in accordance to the CZPT er’s demands
3. Material: AISI 5140, 1045
4. CZPT : 
Measuring & screening tools: Projecting profile, roughness tester, hardness tester, concentricity tester and so on
five. Aggressive value and primary good quality and ideal provider and well timed shipment
six. Small demo get accepeted and guarantee excellent workmanship
seven. Payment: 30% T/T in CZPT
eight. Inspection: In-house and the third party
9. Packing: CZPT packing or as for every CZPT ers’ requests
10. Sample rule: Normally, sample can be totally free, but the shopper need to have to pay the freight fee.

Constantly create product according to your sample or drawings
Firm information
HangZhou YiRui Machining Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and exporter in shaft, equipment, roller…Base on clients’ drawings
or specifications, which was founded in June 2008, is found in Heshu CZPT Park, BHangZhoug, CZPT a city, Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis.n District,
HangZhou town, ZheJiang Province. 

The business is dedicated to “the domestic very first-course supporting supplier”, through attracting expertise and instruction continually,
import properly-recognized CNC at higher level. The company has a multi-axis CNC 12 sets, 8 sets of precision CNC machine tools, all sorts
of cars, punching, drilling, milling dozens, powerful complex drive. Our prosperity of generation understanding makes it possible for us to fulfill all of CZPT
clients’ demands.
We assist businesses obtain competitive edge via products growth and offer cost superiority.
Our Products are exported to Japan, CZPT pe and South Africa, other countries and areas. 

We stick to the principle of “good quality initial, service initial, steady improvement and innovation to satisfy the CZPT ers
” for the management and “zero defect, zero problems” as the top quality objective. To perfect CZPT services, we give the goods
with the good high quality at the reasonable price tag.

Any issue, remember to truly feel cost-free to speak to me.

The travel chain is utilised to transmit mechanical electrical power when the axle length is brief. These chains have powerful lubrication. There are the following 3 sorts of power transmission chains. Slider or Bushing Chain Bushing Roller Chain Silent Chain
China High Quality Shine Chain Sprocket Wheel with Surface Treatment with ce certificate top quality Good price