Wirerope Hoist- Low Headroom, Advanced Technology with European Design

Wirerope Hoist- Low Headroom, Advanced Technology with European Design

                                 ND Series Wirerope CZPT

irerope electric powered hoist is a small-sized lifting crane, which can be mounted on overhead crane with one girder, double girder, gantry crane and jib cranes.

*Compact construction, gentle bodyweight, safe and reputable
*Vast utilised and interchangeable of parts
*Lifting capacity robust, routine maintenance simple
*Operation effortless, lifting stable.

Lifting Motor
*Asynchronous Conical rotor motor with brake inside
*Big torque, successful braking, compact framework
*Secure procedure, small measurement, light-weight bodyweight
*Risk-free usage and simple servicing
*B or F class insulation, IP44, IP54 security.

Travelling Motor
*Asynchronous Conical rotor motor with brake inside
*Steady beginning, effective braking
*Assorted with reducer
*B or F course insulation, completely coated
*IP44, IP54 security
*IC0141 self-cooling.

Lifting Reducer
*Three-level dead axle helical equipment rotating body, prolonged support existence
*Gear and the axle created by alloy steel soon after warmth treatment method, large depth
*Box and cover created from exceptional forged iron, totally coated
*Fantastic pace ratio, substantial precision
*Compact framework, silent operation, large effectiveness
*CZPT oils
*Effortless to assemble and disassemble.

Rope Drum
*Welding rope drum, light-weight lifeless bodyweight
*Coil casing created from superior forged iron, higher depth
*Rope manual avoids intertwining of wire rope, assures normal operation
*Increase the rope and drum’s lifetime
*No disturbance in between rope socket
*Easily interchangeable, higher top quality.

Steel Wire Rope
*GB/T 20118-2006(6*37+1) hoisting wire rope
*Anti-tensile, excellent versatility
*Excellent resistance to affect, prolonged life time.

*twenty higher good quality carbon metal
*Higher protection, triple static load
*CZPT-loaded durable security capture, guaranteeing slings not release secure and dependable.

Fire stopper
*Adjustable mechanical memory construction, large sensitivity
*Fat limiting stopper
*stopping hook clashing the leading
*Risk-free and tough, easy to install and debug
*Sensitive reaction, small and exquisite.

Overload limiter
*Preset connected information according functioning issue
*Demonstrate correct bodyweight value evidently
*Modular, lower energy design, jam evidence
*Ensure the secure operation of electrical hoist
*Extended service lifestyle of equipment factors.

CZPTal Element
*Reasonable format of management cabinet, easy to mend
*Defense class IP55
*Optional main power source
*Risk-free trolley conductor higher conductivity, modest force drop
*Gentle useless excess weight, straightforward to install
*Collector make certain continuing power provide.

Manage Manner
*Pendant and remote management
*Straightforward and secure control
*Easy procedure
*Watertight Anti Drop.

Type Ability Lifting Height Lifting Velocity Trolley Speed Responsibility Class b K1 k2 L h Dead Weight
  t m m/min m/min   mm mm mm mm mm kgs
ND one.6T-12M 1.6 twelve one.six/ten two-20 M6 300 500 450 1270 400 370
ND two.5T-12M two.5 12 .eight/5. 2-20 M6 350 500 450 1620 430 385
ND 3.2T-12M three.two twelve .8/5. 2-20 M5 350 500 450 1620 450 405
ND 6.3T-12M 6.three twelve .8/five. two-twenty M5 450 490 450 1630 500 five hundred
ND 8T-12M eight 12 .8/5. 2-twenty M6 450 550 540 1460 650 640
ND 10T-12M 10 twelve .8/5. two-20 M5 450 550 540 1460 650 640
NH 10T-12M 10 twelve .66/four. 2-20 M6 450 560 550 1500 seven-hundred 730
ND 12.5T-12M twelve.5 twelve .sixty six/four. two-twenty M5 500 560 550 1500 700 740


Wirerope Hoist- Low Headroom, Advanced Technology with European Design