High Head Stability Flexible Plastic PSU1000 Sheet

High Head Stability Flexible Plastic PSU1000 Sheet

Large head security versatile plastic PSU1000 sheet 

PSU is 1 variety of thermoplastic engineering plastic with a molecule framework of fone and aryl in the chain,
 which includes 3 sorts of material: PSF/PSU, PASF, PES, especially PSF/PSU has the biggest output and the
 widest application. PSU is the polymer of amorphous clear and light-weight amber coloration. Principal attributes:
one. Large head steadiness .Constant functioning temperature is 160ºC, it can get to 190ºC for a limited time,
hydrolyze resistance, very good dimensional security, lower shrink in processing .
2. Outstanding mechanics overall performance: large rigidity, dress in resistance, can keep exceptional mechanics overall performance even in higher temperature.
3. Exceptional digital efficiency in a wide variety of temperature and frequency.
four. Great chemical resistance, besides aquafortis, oil of vitriol and halocarbon, PSU can be resistant to standard acid, alkali, salt.
5. No poison, radiation resistance, fireplace resistance, self-extinguishing.

  1. PSU is largely employed in electronic and electrical ,foods and commodity ,car ,aviation health care and other common industries ,elements for contactors , plug  , insulated parts of transformer ,silicone cap for managing ,insulated bush, loop framework ,printed circuit board , binding publish ,bearing ,include ,areas of Television method ,movie of capacitor ,bracket of electronic brush , scenario of alkalescence storage cell, cove of wire .
  2. Also PSU can act as shield areas , electric powered gear ,cover of storage mobile ,areas of airplane ,protect of spaceship ,areas of lamp ,sensor. In meals sector, PSU can be created into steam plate, coffee vessel, microwave vane, areas of milk equipment, distributing device of drink and food .
  3. In sanitation and health care devices PSU areas for surgical plate ,sprayer ,tooth machine ,flux controller ,devices in lab ,PSU components also can used in inlay ,chemical equipments (pump shell, defending layer of tower ,nozzle of acid resistance, pipe, valve), meals processing equipment, milk products processing machine, equipment of environmental protection.   

Shade:Normal,Black,Amber and so on.
PSU Sheet Measurement:500X1000X(Thickness:ten-100mm),600X1200X(Thickness:10-100mm)  
PSU Rod Measurement:Φ5-Φ150X1000mm

                      The Major Homes of PSU


Home Product No. Unit Worth
Mechanical Houses 1 Density g/cm3 1.24
two Water absorption (23ºC in air) % .40
three Tensile strength MPa 80
4 Tensile pressure at split % ten
five Compressive pressure(at two% nominal strain) MPa 39
six Charpy impact strength (unnotched) KJ/m2 No crack
seven Charpy impact strength  (notched) KJ/m2 4
eight Tensile modulus of elasticity MPa 2700
nine Ball indentation hardness N/mm2 a hundred and fifty five
  ten Rockwell hardness M91


one.A: What’s the size of plastics sheet?
   B:Nylon sheet:Thickness*Width*Length:20-one hundred*1000*2000mm
       UHMW-PE sheet:Thickness*Width*Duration:20-one hundred*one thousand*2000mm 20-one hundred*1250*3130mm 20-100*1250*4250mm
     POM sheet:Width*Length:1000*2000mm
2. A:Can we purchase a small part of plastics sheet?
    B: Yes,you can, if we have the size you require in stock.
three. A:What color of plastics sheet?
    B: Nylon sheet:  Natural,black,blue,or according to client’s requiremnet.
         UHMW-PE sheet:  White,black,green ,bule,yellow,or according to client’s requirement.
4. A:Can you manufacture the plastics products as per drawing?
    B: Yes,we can.
five.A: What the precision of plastic products according to drawing?
   B: Different machine with different precision,it usually around 0.05-.1mm
6.A: What the technologies in producing plastics parts?
   B: Different products with different technologies,such as CNC machine,Extrusion,Injection
7: A:What kinds of processing machine do you have?
    B: CNC machining center,CNC lathes,Milling,Injection Molding Machine,Extruder,Moulding press

High Head Stability Flexible Plastic PSU1000 Sheet