Supply Factory Price Screw Conveyor

Supply Factory Price Screw Conveyor

Source Manufacturing facility Price Screw CZPT


Screw CZPT adoptes overseas’ sophisticated technology at powdery and high temperature

materials transportation equipments and is a high airproof tools. For the bearing assistance

does not touch the materials, it is specially suit the transport of powdery and large temperature



one.Secure operating, low sounds and prolonged services daily life

two.Versatile for multi-level feeding and discharging

3. Equipped with an alarming unit for materials blockage

4. Products for speed reduction and chain breakage defense are optional

5. Widely utilised in port, dock, grain depot and the malt, flour, brewery, feed and chemical industries for horizontal bulk content conveying.

  • CZPT Parameter of spiral conveyor
    Revolution(r/min) GX-Type Srew CZPT
    GX150 GX200 GX250 GX300 GX400 GX500 GX600
    twenty .nine 2.1 4.1 sixteen.8 32.nine 56.nine
    thirty 1.three three.two 6.two 25.3 forty nine.four eighty five.three
    35 one.five seven.two 12.four 29.5 fifty seven.six ninety nine.5
    45 two nine.3 16 37.nine 74 127.nine
    sixty two.six 6.three 12.three 21.3 50.5 ninety eight.7 170.6
    seventy five three.three seven.6 15.4 26.6 sixty three.2 123.three 213.two
    ninety four nine.5 18.five 32 75.8 148 255.nine
    LS-type screw conveyor
    Model And Spec Dia Pitch(mm) Top Rev(r/min) Top Output(m³/h)
    (mm) Fill Coefficient
      Φ=.forty five Φ=.33 Φ=.15
    LS100 100 100 a hundred and forty three two.2 one
    LS125 a hundred twenty five a hundred twenty five one hundred twenty five five.two 3.8
    LS160 160 one hundred sixty 112 seven.1 3.two
    LS200 200 200 a hundred 16.9 twelve.four five.six
    LS250 250 260 90 29.7 21.8 9.9
    LS315 315 315 80 52.9 38.8 17.six
    LS400 four hundred 355 71 85.3 sixty two.5 28.two
    LS500 500 400 63 133.2 forty four.four
    LS630 630 450 fifty 188.nine 138.five 63
    LS800 800 five hundred forty 270.7 198.5 70.2
    LS1000 one thousand 560 32 379 277.nine 126.3
    LS1250 1250 630 25 520.5 173.five

Supply Factory Price Screw Conveyor